Charmaine Patterns

Well done to Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do students that entered the UK ITF English Championships in Paignton held on Saturday 28th February 2015. All performed superbly to bring home 23 medals, 7 Gold, 6 Silver & 10 Bronze. Please see all that entered below;

Giff Event Staff

Lewis Lambern Bronze Patterns

Phoebe Grandfield – Silver Patterns, Gold Power

Ollie Robertshaw – Bronze Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Beth Martin – Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Esme McCarthy – (Kids Kickers) Silver Sparring, Gold Patterns (U14’s) Bronze Sparring, Bronze Patterns

William Lambern – Silver Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Lucie Robertshaw – Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Maddie Boyle – Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring

Charmaine Patole

Jakob Heathcote – Bronze Sparring

Callum Brown

Emily Oakes – Gold Sparring, Gold Patterns, Bronze Special Technique

Jake Thomas – Silver Sparring, Silver Patterns

Ollie Patterns


Thanks to UK ITF for organisation & a great finish time.

Lewis Patterns

As our usual competition club photographers were busy event staffing I would like to thank Steve Brown of Torbay TKD for some awesome photo’s

Callum Patterns

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Emily Patterns