Stoke Gifford TKD group with awards

Sat 17th May saw the eagerly anticipated UK Finals night. With the top competitors from all over the UK coming together to achieve the title of UK Champion!

Stoke Gifford TKD had 11 students selected for this groundbreaking event, to include Instructor Miss Burridge.

Isaac & Ben Side Kick

At 11am the doors were opened & our competitors along with their supporters started to enter the hall. It was clear that everyone was pleasantly surprised & excited by the set up of the room. The centre ring was the main focal point with the spot lights highlighting what was to be the focus for the whole of the afternoon & evening. Pumping music along with a big screen inspiring slide show of Taekwon-do photos & quotes all adding to the atmosphere.

Emily Axe kick

The competition started promptly at 12noon with the traditional Umpire meeting & then it was quickly into the first of the many preliminary rounds. It was not an understatement to say that every competitor regardless of age, grade & experience really rose to the occasion & gave it their all.

Kieran Superman punch

At around 3pm the first of the finals took place. Once again a superb display was put on which set the level for the rest of the evening. Every competitors name was announced as they entranced through curtains to pumping music & great cheers from the crowd. UK Champions along with the runners up were then presented with their awards after each category by Master Nicholls.Phoebe & Master Nicholls

Joe Side Kick

5.30pm saw a short interlude in the finals to view a display by our guests from the TAGB ‘The Edmunds sisters’. It was a real spectacle to see how talented & flexible the girls were as they kicked & flipped along to the up tempo music.The Giff girls are already planning their own similar demo!

Kerry Burridge & Kevin McCabe patterns

As the evening & the final few categories came to an end Development committee Chair Master Rauli gave a closing speech to what had been a truly groundbreaking & monumental day.

Ben BA jump shot

Stoke Gifford TKD would like to thank all that may the day possible with special thanks going to Giff students Kev & Jenni Brown, Alison & Mr Vennard who were all instrumental in the smooth running of the day.

Joe & Ben Sparring

Please see full club results below.

Joseph Elson – 2nd Place U16’s Special Technique, 3rd Place U16’s Male 2nd Degree Patterns, 2nd Place U16’s Male Micro Sparring.

Emily Oakes UK Champion U14’s Female 1st Degree Patterns, 2nd Place U14’s Middle Sparring, UK Champion U16’s Female 1st Degree Patterns, UK Champion U16’s Light Sparring, 1st Place U16’s Welter Sparring.

Lucie Robertshaw – 3rd Place U14’s Female 1st Degree Patterns, 2nd Place U14’s Micro Sparring.

Ben Chapman – UK Champion U14’s Male 1st Degree Patterns, UK Champion U14’s Male light Sparring, 3rd Place U16’s Micro Sparring.

Ollie Robertshaw – 2nd Place U14’s 1st Degree Patterns, 3rd Place U14’s Micro sparring, 3rd Place U16’s 1st Degree Patterns.

Kieran McDermott – UK Champion U16’s Male 1st Degree Patterns, UK Champion U16’s Micro Sparring, 2nd Place U16’s Light Sparring.

Ben Baker-Attwood – UK Champion U16’s Welter Sparring.

Phoebe GrandfieldUK Champion U18’s Female 2nd Degree Patterns, UK Champion Adult Female Power.

Miss BurridgeUK Champion Adult Female 6th Degree Patterns.

Billy Smith – UK Champion Adult Male 2nd Degree Patterns.

Sarah Baker-AttwoodUK Champion Senior Female 1st Degree Patterns, 1st Place Senior Female Middle Sparring.

Sarah BA in action

Much appreciation goes to all the UK ITF Masters, Tournament committee, Umpires, Competitors & Spectators that traveled from near & far to support the event.

We would like to congratulate our new UK Champions & wish them luck if they have subsequently been selected to be part of Team UK for the forthcoming ITF World Championships.

Thanks to Laura for some excellent action shots of the day. Further photos can be found here

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