Stoke Gifford TKD is please & proud to announce the following competitors that have made it through to the UK Championships.

All of the competitors mentioned below have finished top three in the UK & have been invited to compete at either Pre-lim championships this weekend or are straight into the Finals night on Sat 28th March.

Congratulations to all for getting this far & best of luck in their quest for the UK Champion title!

Beth Martin 2015


Beth Martin

3rd Degree Patterns

Heavy weight Sparring

E. McCarthy 2015

Esme McCarthy

1st Degree Patterns

Light weight Sparring

Emily Oakes 2015

Emily Oakes

2nd Degree Patterns

Welter weight Sparring

Special Technique

Jake Thomas 2015

Jake Thomas

3rd Degree Patterns

Light weight Sparring

Lucie Robertshaw 2015

Lucie Robertshaw

1st Degree Patterns

Welter weight Sparring

Ollie Robertshaw 2015

Ollie Robertshaw

Micro weight Sparring

Phoebe Grandfield 2015

Phoebe Grandfield

3rd Degree Patterns


William Lambern 2015

William Lambern

1st Degree Patterns