Stoke Gifford TKD had a couple of weekends packed full of demonstrations recently.

Poole pattern group

The first one was in Poole, Dorset where some dedicated Giff students traveled down to help the newly opened Poole club demonstrate TKD at a Sport Join in Festival.

Beach pose

Laura, Lucie, Callum, Jenni, Luke, Fraser, Alison & Miss Burridge were there to demonstrate, teach & assist Ms Humphries who teaches the newly formed club. The Giff guys were also support by Kevin Brown who took photographs & gave help & observation where needed.

Poole Demo

All students thoroughly enjoyed helping out& even had the chance to try out other activities to include slack lining.

Fraser slacklining

The following weekend Stoke Gifford TKD were asked to participate in the Bradley Stoke Carnival.


Phoebe Grandfield was very excited to participate in the day, as she had the chance to do what she loves best on her 18th Birthday!

Phoebe 18

Giff students joined in the parade, as well as performing a demonstration later in the afternoon.

Parade demo

We were very lucky with the showers & managed to put on a great display that was watched by many.


The participants were very pleased to finish off their day with some fairground rides.

Fairground ride

Many thanks to all that gave their time up to support & participate at these events.