Once again Stoke Gifford TKD produce some great results in Rome at the ITF World Championships.

ITF Worlds Arena

I am very pleased & proud to announce that we have a new World Champion Mr Kieran McDermott! Kieran sparred his way through an Argentinian, a Czech, an Italian & finally another Argentinian to win Gold. He also made it through three rounds to secure himself a bronze in the patterns. Kieran went on to help the Junior boys team achieve a further Silver in Special Technique & two bronzes in the patterns & sparring.

Kieran & Emily Champions

Emily Oakes had some really tough draws & matches but also sparred superbly beating a US competitor to obtain a bronze in the sparring. She also went on to help the junior girls team achieve two more bronzes in the team patterns & power.

Phoebe Grandfield Happy

The icing on the cake was Miss Phoebe Grandfield battling to win a World Championship bronze! Such an emotional roller coaster with her competition, but everyone was elated about her achievement. She was then asked to join the adult female team for Power & Special technique where she helped then to achieve bronzes in both events.

Miss Burridge who went out as a Team UK Coach & a competitor was very fortunate to get a buy into the final of the Senior female 6th Degree patterns. She was then faced with her World Championship 2012 nemesis Romina Galarraga. After two confident patterns Miss Burridge was defeated 3-2, but was happy to accept a Silver medal.

Junior Team UK

Not to be out done Connie McDermott also picked up two bronzes in patterns & sparring in the cup competition. A really great experience for her.

Kerry Burridge Team UK Coach

So proud of all of the Giff students, couldn’t have asked for any more from any of them.

The Giff with Cliff

A massive thank you goes to Giff supporters Alison May, Nicky & Vin McDermott, Alison & Simon Oakes & Bradley Grandfield for their constant cheering & support for all.

Kieran World Champion

Thanks also to the UK ITF administration for making the trip possible & to all the Team UK coaches & Umpires for their hard work.

Phoebe with medals

Looking forward to continued success at the next major competition, the UK ITF British Championships.