Well done to Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do students that entered the UK ITF Region 1 Stomp Comp in West Drayton & the South West Championships in Paignton held on Saturday 29th & Sunday 30th March 2014.  All performed superbly to bring  home 26 medals, 14 Gold, 8 Silver & 4 Bronze. Please see all that entered below;

Emily Oakes – Gold Patterns (Stomp), Silver Sparring (Stomp), Gold Patterns (SW), Silver Sparring (SW)

Phoebe Grandfield – Silver Patterns (Stomp), Bronze Sparring (Stomp), Bronze Patterns (SW), Silver Sparring (SW), Gold Power Hand (SW), Gold Power Foot (SW)

Kieran McDermott – Gold Sparring (Stomp), Gold Patterns (SW)

Joe Elson – Silver Sparring (Stomp)

Connie McDermott – Gold Patterns (Stomp), Bronze Sparring (Stomp), Participation medal (SW)

Sarah Baker-Attwood – Silver Patterns (SW), Gold Sparring (SW)

Ollie Robertshaw – Gold Long Kick (SW), Gold Patterns (SW)

Samir Bellani – Gold Patterns (SW)

Esme McCarthy – Gold Patterns (SW), Silver Sparring (SW)

William Lambern – Gold Patterns (SW), Bronze Sparring (SW)

Ben Chapman – Silver Patterns (SW), Gold Sparring (SW)

Lucie Robertshaw – Participation medal

Maddie Boyle – Participation medal

Thanks to Region 1 & Mr Churchward for the invitation & great organisation.

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