Well done to Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do students that entered the South West competition in Paignton held on Sunday 10th May 2015. All performed superbly to bring home 16 medals, 4 Gold, 8 Silver & 4 Bronze. Please see all that entered below;

Lucie & Esme TK


Ollie Robertshaw – Gold Long Kick, Bronze Patterns, Bronze High Kick

Esme McCarthy –  Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring

William Lambern – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring

Lucie Robertshaw – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring, Silver High Kick

Charmaine Patole – Silver Patterns

Lewis Lambern – Silver Patterns

Maddie Boyle – Bronze Sparring

Beth Martin – Silver Patterns, Gold Sparring

Phoebe Grandfield – Gold Power

Stoke Gifford TKD medal group

Thanks to Torbay TKD for hosting the event.

Lewis Sparring

Thanks to Laura for some cracking shots as usual.

Ollie Reverse turning kick

Top competitor table updated here