TKD In SitgesOn the 5th November Phoebe and Vicky travelled to Barcelona for the Challenger Cup Competition and Master Class. We flew from Bristol airport to Barcelona. At the airport we met our friends. Once we arrived in Barcelona the weather was really hot and sunny like a summer’s day. We walked from the Gaudi cathedral to the marina whilst stopping at various places for refreshments. Once we arrived at the marina then we all had dinner. Then we said goodbye and took the train to Sitges.Phoebe Side Kick

On the 6th we had a walk around Sitges having a look around the shops. The weather was lovely and warm again. In the afternoon we met up with our friends.  We  had a little practice on the beach and chilled out. We went back to our hotel for a rest. Then went out for dinner with friends.
Phoebe & Helen Splits kick
On the 7th it was the day of the competition and unfortunately for Phoebe she was violently ill but was determined to compete. We walked to the venue with friends. Phoebe was up to do patterns and did well considering she wasn’t well. After her first pattern the decision went 2-1 to Jana Galinski and Phoebe almost fainted, she was sat down and had some water then was up again to do another pattern against her friend Page and the decision went 2-1 to Page. No medal but Phoebe was still pleased that she competed. Jasmine got gold in sparring and silver patterns. The UK came 3rd overall and got a trophy with Spain finishing first. The trophies where huge. Then shortly after competing Phoebe was violently ill again and went back to the hotel to rest. After a rest Phoebe and Vicky saw Jasmine, Elliane, Michelle and Gavin from Fishponds tkd. Then went and met up with friends and had dinner then had a small party and saw friends.
Barcelona Comp
On the 8th was the Master Class lead by Master Perez. Master Perez focused on patterns, self-defence and sparring drills. Master Perez started off with patterns but instead of the technical side he focused on the power and rhythm which different from how it is usually taught which Phoebe found interesting and enjoyed. Then Master Perez moved onto sparring drills against pads and moving backwards whilst throwing a technique. We did switch turning kick, reverse turning kick and back kick. Then moved onto self-defence and Phoebe learnt new techniques and enjoyed it. The master class was finished off with a couple of games which focused on strength and a few speeches.

Master Perez Seminar
After the Master Class Phoebe and Vicky walked to the beach with friends to have some photos taken then went back to our hotels to have a shower then met back up to have dinner and party.

On the 9th it was the day to fly back. We had some time to relax and chill first as our flight didn’t take off until 8:30pm. Once it was time we took a taxi with Gavin, Jasmine, Michelle and Elliane. Then once we landed in Bristol we said goodbye to everyone. Phoebe and Vicky really enjoyed the weekend and made lots of new friends from different countries.