Little Lions

These classes are designed for four to six year olds, allowing us to cater for their special needs. The classes are designed to challenge and motivate the children, and to develop life skills. Little Lions is the springboard into TKD, it teaches the children all the basics at a level they understand. The natural progression for a child would be to move up to the junior classes at roughly 7 years of age. Little Lions classes will give them a fantastic head start into their TKD career.

I must say, I am very pleased with my sons progress more importantly that he enjoys going to TKD and would like to continue.  I am keen for him to continue with TKD and reach the pinnacle of black belt one day in the future.
I consider his martial arts training second only to his schooling, for his personal development – learn discipline, listen to the teacher, build health (well being), improve confidence and to learn an art.
When he first started at TKD last year he had difficulties at school with other children. Now he is alot more confident within himself and his social skills have improved.
Last year he finished last in the sprints at sports day, this year he finished first in his group for his sprints. His school report has shown a marked improvement in every area. The TKD training has for sure helped with this as his confidence level has risen. He now has a “maybe I can do this” rather than a defeatist “I can’t do this” atitude from before and he listens more.
Recently I must tell you I have noticed my son has started to practice at home (on his own initiative). When he sees he has improved he is very pleased with himself, he tells me “look at what I can do now” 🙂
Teaching very young children is a very difficult task you have built an excellent environment to teach TKD and to maintain their interest. The first step and foundation we know is the most important part, this is being established via your Lions classes.

I congratulate you on having an excellent TKD school !!

Ethans Dad


Miss B & LucieThese classes are for children aged 7 – 12 yrs, these classes will follow the syllabus laid down by UKITF and also include, self defence, fitness and sparring. Also games are played using a martial platform to practice skills such as balance, co-ordination and team building. The children will be in a relaxed, but disciplined environment where they can build there confidence and make friends, & have lots of fun.

SGTKD has been a very positive influence in my daughter’s life. The club has given her confidence, being able to excel at her own pace. TKD has helped her enormously with motor-skills and motivation. Whilst acquiring the skills of TKD is a serious business, the club operates as a big family and there is always some fun to be had. The club has supported my daughter to compete in international competitions and there is always a fantastic team spirit. I also believe the Chief Instructor, Miss Kerry Burridge, has a very special talent in her teaching and always gets the best out of everybody whatever their ability.
Phoebe’s Mum


These classes are designed for people aged 13+. The classes will also follow a syllabus laid down by UKITF, but the classes are more in depth. Again at Stoke Gifford TKD we cater for all needs and are always willing to listen to new Miss B, Stuart & Samideas.

Both Junior and Senior Students have a choice of training as often or as little as they require. If students reach a required standard during training then they have the option of taking gradings to be able to progress through the belts within TKD