A massive well done goes to the new Stoke Gifford degree grades. Harry Armorgie, Sarah Baker-Attwood, Ollie Robertshaw, Emily Oakes, Madeleine Boyle, Rachael Hutton, William Lambern & Esme McCarthy.  All performed at a regional degree grading headed by Grand Master Nicholls, Mr McCabe & Mr Buxton in Abbeywood, Bristol on Saturday 1st April 2017.

Harry Armorgie & GM Nicholls

Harry Armorgie 4th Degree

Sarah Baker-Attwood & GM Nicholls
Sarah Baker-Attwood 3rd Degree

Emily Oakes & GM Nicholls

Emily Oakes 3rd Degree

Ollie Robertshaw 3rd Degree

Ollie Robertshaw 3rd Degree

Rachael Hutton & GM Nicholls

Rachael Hutton 2nd Degree

William Lambern & GM Nicholls

William Lambern 2nd Degree

Madeleine Boyle & GM Nicholls

Madeleine Boyle 2nd Degree

Esme McCarthy & GM Nicholls

Esme McCarthy 2nd Degree

The day began with a two hour Grand Master Nicholls seminar, attended by over 100 participants, which was as extremely physically demanding. The guys then had very a short break before a four hour grading which included patterns, self defence sparring & power breaking. The expectations from the Master examiners were high, & I’m pleased to say that they all excelled in their indomitable spirit & gave 100% to everything that was thrown at them.

GM Nicholls seminar group 2016

Some of the students then had a very short time to prepare before attending a banquet at the Hitlon Aztec West with Grand Master Nicholls where they were surprised to be presented with their results & new belts. The rest of the evening was left to relax & celebrate a very successful day.

Stoke Gifford TKD group

Congratulations to all.

Degree grading group 2016

Many thanks as always goes to Laura Robertshaw for her fantastic photos.