Congratulations to Harry & Callum who recently passed the Stoke Gifford TKD  Assistant Instructors programme at the club.

Harry who started TKD in 2002 has been working hard at the club for the last year teaching, assisting & being a great role model for all students to aspire to.

Callum has completed all levels of the Stoke Gifford TKD leadership roles, achieving Team Leader in 2011, then progressing to Instructors Assistant in 2015. 

This is a real milestone for both students who have really matured into this role of responsibility within the club.

Harry & Callum also attended the BTC instructors course at the end of March 2018, along with Miss Burridge & Mrs Robertshaw who were renewing their course. This means that they are now fully insured to cover the classes at Stoke Gifford TKD whenever Chief Instructor Miss Burridge is not present.

Harry & Callum will have a vital role ensuring that all students are fully prepared for their next grading.

Mr Brown Assistant Instructor

Mr Brown 3rd Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Armorgie Assistant Instructor

Mr Armorgie 4th Degree Assistant Instructor