Please find all merchandise below available through Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do. If you would like to place an order then please do so via email. 


SGTKD T-ShirtSGTKD t-shirt


£10.00 All sizes

SGTKD Holdall

SGTKD small holdall


£22.00 SmallSGTKD large holdall
£25.00 Large

(non stock item)

SGTKD cool t shirt

Cool contrast t shirt SGTKD

£12.00 All sizes

SGTKD Varsity Hoodie

SGTKD varisty hoodie

Kids Sizes £20.00 
Adult Sizes £25

Non Stock Item

SGTKD Training bottoms

contact pants

Kids sizes £15

Adult Sizes £20
(non stock item)


Stoke Gifford Club Hoodie

(non stock item)

Breaker Boards


£23.00 – £34.00
(non stock item)

Smartie Pads

Smartie Pads


£28.00 per pair

Non Stock Item

Curved Kick Shields

Curved Kick Shields

(non stock item)


Stoke Gifford TKD Dobok

£20.00 All Sizes

Please note that these club doboks are no longer made so only a limited stock is available. Please ask for sizes

UK ITF official Merchandise



Please click the image to be taken to the Official supplier for UK ITF Merchandise