WOW! What fantastic results for Stoke Gifford TKD at the European Championships in Barcelona.

Giff Boys

The club brought home, 7 Gold, 1 Silver & 3 Bronze, plus 2 x best overall champion trophies.

Overall Champions


Ben C, Kieran, Ben B A, Ollie & Joseph all did their club & country proud with outstanding performances & attitude.

Ollie Euro Champion

 Ollie was crowned European Champion in the U14’s boys patterns & a bronze in the micro sparring.

Kieran Euro Champ

Kieran was crowned European Champion in the U14’s boys light sparring & a Silver in the patterns.

Joe Bronze medal


Joseph gained a well earned bronze in the U16’s micro boys sparring.

Ben C Champ

Ben C was crowned European Champion in the U14’s boys micro sparring & a bronze in the patterns. He was also awarded best overall U14’s boy in Europe for his performance.

Ben BA Champ

Ben B A was crowned European Champion in the U16’s boys patterns & European Champion in the light boys sparring. He was also award best overall U16’s boy in Europe for his performance.

Phoebe Team Gold

Miss Grandfield who travelled out to support UK ITF & club members was asked to join the junior girls team at very short notice as they we a member short. As always she rose to the occasion & helped them win 2 Gold’s!

Best overall country

Team UK was also awarded a huge trophy for best overall junior country in Europe.

All in all the trip was a great experience for these young competitors. All of their hard work with the Team UK squad over the past eight months as well as their solid foundation gained a Stoke Gifford TKD has certainly paid off.

I would like to thank supporters from the club; Alison, Billy, Phoebe, Nicky, Vin, Salli, Glyn, Eloise, Sarah, Laura, Vicky, Frazer & Bradley for supporting all Team UK competitors 100%.

Much thanks goes to Ashley & Master Nicholls for organising & making the trip possible & the UK ITF coaches for all the hard work both before & after the competition.

The training now continues in preparation for the UK ITF British Championships in October.

Team UK