SONY DSCWell done to the following students that travelled to St Austell on Sunday 28th June to compete in the Cornish Championships.

Kieran McDermott – Silver Patterns, Silver Sparring, Gold Power, Bronze Tag Team

Esme McCarthy – Gold Patterns, Bronze Sparring, Gold Tag Team

Lucie Robertshaw – Silver Patterns, Gold Sparring, Gold Tag Team

Phoebe Grandfield – Bronze Patterns

Ollie Robertshaw – Bronze Patterns, Bronze Sparring, Silver Tag Team

Connie McDermott – Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring, Gold Tag Team

Jakob Heathcote – Bronze Patterns, Bronze Sparring, Bronze Tag Team

Alexia Rodriguez Hutson – Bronze Sparring

William Lambern – Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Laura Robertshaw – Gold Patterns

William Side Kick

Congratulations to all.

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