Well done to Stoke Gifford Taekwon-do students that entered the CMA Inter-club Competition in Cardiff held on Sunday 5th February 2017. All performed superbly to bring home 23 medals, 9 Gold, 7 Silver & 7 Bronze. Please see all that entered below;

CMA medal winners

Grace Boey – Participation Medal

Ollie Robertshaw

William Lambern –  Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring

Thomas Eastman

Adam Eastman – Silver Patterns

Zoe King – Bronze High Kick, Silver Patterns

Elliot King

Martin Suchter

Nikki Suchterova – Gold Patterns

Lucie Robertshaw – Gold Patterns

Lewis Lambern – Bronze Sparring

Callum Brown – Gold Patterns, Gold Sparring, Gold Power

Zane Donaghy – Bronze High Kick

Jack Armorgie – Gold Power

Charlie Christou – Participation Medal

Maddie Boyle – Silver Patterns

Asees Kaur – Bronze Sparring

Sahib Singh

Esme McCarthy – Gold Patterns, Silver Sparring

Divleen Kaur – Silver High Kick, Bronze Sparring

Penny Bishop – Bronze High Kick

Tom Cousins – Silver Long Kick, Bronze Patterns

Johnny Shaw – Silver Long Kick

Mahir Toshniwal – Participation Medal

CMA medal winners 2

Thanks to CMA for organising & running.

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