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Giff helpersOn Sat 8th March many girls & ladies came together in Cabot Circus, Bristol to display Taekwon-do.Group shot

Ladies from Stoke Gifford TKD were joined by fellow UK ITF female students from region 1, along with many other local TKD practitioners that make up the BTC.

The idea of the day was to encourage more females to take up the Martial Art Taekwon-do. The display was backed by Sport England & the BTC.

Many of the practitioners arrived at around 9am to be given some very eye catching Touch gloves hoodies which was to be our uniform for the day. We than made our way to what would be our display area, right in the heart of Cabot Circus that could be viewed from all heights & angles.

With guidance from Master Kenny Walton, we set about getting into groups to practice our patterns, sparring & pad drills that would we would later demonstrate to some very busy crowds.

There was a great spirit in the air as we started our first display at around 10.15am. The crowd was shown a brief warm-up followed by some great examples of patterns, set sparring, pad drills & sparring from all grades. It was great to see such a wide range of ages, grades & abilities which would prove to the crowd that TKD can really be for anyone! 

UK ITF Girls

The demonstrations ran throughout the day about every 45 minutes, with Master Nicholls & Jamie McAvoy keeping a watchful eye on the progress. Not only did we have a great turn out of support from students, but also many parents volunteered to hand out leaflets & collect data.

Elisa & Isabella

All in all we had a really great day with Stoke Gifford students once again showing their enthusiasm & dedication.

A big thank you goes to Stoke Gifford students; Phoebe, Emily, Esme, Connie, Emma, Elisa, Isabella, Charmaine, & Chloe, along with Region 1 students travelling from London; Ashley, Jay, Gurlaine & Gemma to participate. To all the parents & helpers that assisted in collecting data & to Master Nicholls & Jamie for transporting & setting up all equipment & overseeing the days events.

It was great to work with other organisations within the BTC & we look forward to the next BTC/Sport England event.

Ladies group