Congratulations Stoke Gifford Instructor Miss Burridge & student  Phoebe Grandfield who were selected as finalists for the Bristol Post Sports Awards.

This is the first year that the Bristol Post has held this event & they were looking to honour the stars, the stalwarts and the unsung heroes of sport in Bristol.

Kerry, Jenny & PhoebeMiss Burridge & Phoebe were joined by famous local sports stars to include Jenny Jones Winter Olympic medalist & Claudia Fragapane Commonwealth Gold medalist.

Phoebe, Claudia & Kerry

Miss Burridge was nominated by Laura Robertshaw for coach of the year & had some tough competition to include the coaches of the Commonwealth Gold medalist Claudia as well has a coach that had coached a local football team for over 16 years. Miss Burridge was not chosen as the overall winner but was very proud & privileged to be selected & chosen as a finalist at the event.

Kerry Programme

Phoebe was nominated by Miss Burridge for Disability sports person of the year & also had some tough competition to include a man that was injured in Afghanistan & had recently competed in the Invictus games.  Again Phoebe was not chosen as the overall winner but was very excited to be selected & chosen as a finalist & to be invited to such a prestigious evening.

Phoebe Programme

We would like to thank Alison, Rachael, Laura, Vicky, Bradley & Phoebe’s grandparents for joining us on the evening to support & celebrate.

Kerry, Jenny & Alison